Dynamark Partner Program


You are simply a marketing arm for the company. After you sell the account, they don’t want you involved, you can’t upsell, brand your own company to get more leads, or have a long term relationship with your customer.


This term just means that you are a sales rep for the company. You are not even recognized as an independent dealer.


We are different. We offer you a long term partnership with us and your customer. You will be able to upsell the customer, brand your own name, use the equipment of your choice, and sell anywhere you want. And to prove that our partner program is best, you can earn revenue sharing in the double digits…. indefinitely!

Check out the Top Ten Reasons to Become a Dynamark Partner


A True Partnership

We have a philosophical difference from all other dealer programs: We are not a dealer program, we are a partner program. AND WE DO NOT COMPETE AGAINST OUR PARTNERS. We can only succeed if we have a long-term relationship with our partners, so we believe in transparency and choices: we let you handle upsells to the customer, pay you for handling service to the accounts, and allow you to receive all sales leads from the business you generate. In fact, we allow you to equally manage the account with us to ensure that both you and your customer are happy for years to come.


Competitive Multiples & Low Pass Thru Schedule

Because you are a partner, we have developed one of the strongest compensation programs in our industry – We believe you deserve to get paid more when you are a true partner.

Dynamark Partner


Dynamark Partner

Partner Revenue Sharing

What other program pays you double digit revenue sharing on the accounts we share? As a true partner with Dynamark, you will be rewarded for long term customer retention, and be able to build yourself a strong retirement base for the future!


Branding Your Own Company

Very few companies allow you to brand your own company with both contracts and yard signs. Even fewer allow you a toll free number on the sign that goes right to your office. At Dynamark, we encourage both!


Choose Your Equipment

Interlogix, 2GIG, Qolsys, Honeywell, DSC. Which one do you like? You have the right to choose. Plus, as a Dynamark Partner, we can get you some of the best pricing on your equipment.


Expert Sales Training

Once you become a Dynamark Partner, you will not be left alone. We will provide you with some of the very best new partner boot camps, webinars, and on-site training events in the security industry!


Premier Providers Program

Dynamark has aligned themselves with strategic companies that provide our partners with a vast array of marketing and management resources: Manufacturers, distributors, insurance companies, collection companies, software tracking systems, and even companies that help you manage your employees and payroll so you can focus on protecting people!

Dynamark Partner


Dynamark Partner

Solid Funding Sources

You will not have to worry any longer about joining a company that will run out of funding. Dynamark has a 40 year history and access to the funding you need to grow your business.


Recognitions and Rewards

We still believe sales should be celebrated, and dealers deserved to be recognized for their performance and quality of business, so contests, trips and conventions are part of our program.


Build Your Own In-House Portfolio

Are you tired of selling off all of your hard work? At Dynamark, we help our partners build their own accounts and secure their future.





Are you ready to take the next step, and become a true Partner? Dynamark doesn’t take just anybody, but if you meet some basic requirements, you will already be half way home. Do you:


  • Produce 20 systems per month as an average over the last 6-12 months?
  • Have all the licensing and insurance to perform business in your state?
  • Feel confident that you can pass a standard background and credit check?

If you can meet these three, simple prerequisites, then you and Dynamark may be a great fit for each other.


Complete the inquiry form to the right or call us at 855-562-5276, and we can get the ball rolling.



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